WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! number 2
Wonderful Weekend in Amsterdam
Woof! Woof! Woof!

It has been a wonderful week-end in Amsterdam. I met up with and with more dogs in one day than I ever saw in my whole life. And I've been to New York City and even worked a whole weekend doing the between the Hurdies Hep-la-bas in front of Zabars. You meet alot of dogs like that. But nothing prepared me for Amsterdam. I also got roughed up by a Dutch Jack Russel and jumped by a mean-looking alley cat. It's like they knew I was the new kid in town. Woof! Things just keep happening around here.

But I get ahead of myself.

Our new car is like a little house on wheels. But not very big: there is hardly enough room to get into it after all our bags are piled in. Luckily it seems to have a Dackel Shelter under the bed and I have been hanging there when things get crazy which is most of the time.

Somehow Animama figured out how to get our mountan of bags into this big car-house. Gurdypapa just did what she told him to do. Smart move on his part. Insane as it may sound, even to a human being, they decide to "go into town" and "do a pitch", whatever that is. I heard him tell Animama something about trying to put together a hundred Euros over the week-end.

In the end we did alot of exploring and very little playing. Thank goodness that Animama was as cold and shivering as I was, because Gurdypapa didn't seem to notice that I was freezing and shaking like a leaf.

The we returned by tram to Detleff the camping car. Gurdypapa tells me that this is our home now.

I've just eaten a whole can of Duch Dog Food. It was great, I never ate horse meat before. Very tasty but actually I think I'm going to throw it all up.