I've crawled under the bed in the back of this, this house-car they call "Detleff". Really, I should have been suspicious when Gurdypapa kept asking me if I wanted to go on an adventure. Look, I'm just a Dackel. An adventure, as far as I can see, is a walk around the pond, a quick run at the geese, and some sniffing around to see if Fluffy or Monty have been by.

It did occur to me that something was going on when I saw the furniture in the house begin to disappear, piece by piece. Sometimes they'd put things out on the lawn and I was told not to bark at the people who came and took our stuff away. Not to bark at people coming onto our front lawn and taking stuff!? And then Gaspar and Julien came home with friends and helped take away whole truckloads of stuff. Pretty strange. But who can ever figure out what humans are up to? In any case a lot of stuff, including my couch and chair, were still there, though it was tough for me to jump up on them with the rugs all gone. No traction.

I figured we were on our way to a gig we went for a car ride with the theater and instruments. But why there were so much other stuff that they needed Joe and Mike to use two vans to drive us? It didn't occur to me to ask. Then they put me in that kennel box that they've been throwing treats into the last few weeks. I knew that they were trying to get me used to be in there and went along with their game: anything for a liver cube.

Well, for those of you that are interested, I wasn't really afraid during the plane ride. Sure, I wasn't humping my blanket, but I was okay. I just did my usual hunker down routine: lie there as straight as an arrow and worry. Once it got pretty bumpy, but mostly we just growled along. I even slept for a while. Then there was a big bump and shaking. Pretty soon a guy who smelled of Currywurst, (I'm not making this up), came and carried my kennel with me still inside, out to Gurdypapa and Animama.

Everyone was so happy to see each other that no one cared that I peed all over. Well, who wouldn't pee at a moment like that? Even the people who looked at my European Puppy Passport were all smiles and just waved us through.

Then we loaded all the stuff into a taxi-van and after a short ride we were in a new world: Amsterdam. I never saw a town with so many dogs and so many places to sniff some pretty exotic odors. What an experiece! We walked around a bit and it seems that there are canals everywhere. But we never strayed too far from our stuff. And somebody always had to guard the bags. Makes sense: our supply of liver treats was somewhere in there and I was ready to protect them. Had to take some responsibility because Gurdypapa and Animama seemed a bit more spaced-out than usual.

Then this huge bald guy, Renee, came and his office was okay, he gave me a Dutch football to destroy! I'm not making this up! And there was also an old blue and very comfortable couch. I sort of fell out as Animama and Gurdypapa were giving all their "money", (I think that's something that one gives for livercubes and other items), and really paid no attention to their signing papers and holding keys.

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! number 1
Where's my Couch?
Where is my couch? Where is my fauteuil? Where is my back yard? Where is my box of bones, tennis balls and defeated weasels? Where are Gaspar and Julien and Uncle Larry? What's going on here? What are Gurdypapa and Animama thinking? They've really and finally flipped completely out! I knew this would happen some day.