Couplet 7: Through the Ruhrgebiet and up the Rhine to Basel and Hänner, our home for the winter.
With the Gurdylady back from Boston, we head off into the sunset once again. Very rarely do we actually arrive in the place we set out for.
The Deutsche Bank is very special for us. We wonder if they have sold our old home yet.
Duiseburg has it's own special charm. The Ruhrgebiet is quite different from cities to the north as well as the Bayern World Heritage cities to the south.
Hmmm… an old hippie busker. Now that's something you don't see every day!
Incredible that we are able to just stop by and visit Lionel. Something that's been a dream for twenty five years!
An extraordinary week-end in Zürich. Ani gets together with Krisztina, her childhood friend from Hungary who now lives in Switzerland. Speaking of Hungary, we meet Norbi, who plays the Hang, a sort of intimate steel drum.

Mario (left) is from Rome and is in Switzerland studying Forrestry.

We don't have a picture of the Züri police busting us, brining to an end a great place to busk. With Christmas around the corner it's somewhat of a blow.

Lessons for Mackie in Sonnez la Cloche! This winter we will try to refine Mackie's musical talents.
Basel! Our old stamping grounds! and as the ferris wheel in the photo below shows, it's Herbstmesse ( Fall Faire).
Ueli and Isabähnli! Seeing them again really brings back the old times and connects them with the new.
Coming soon: Christmas and New Year's with our new Friends and old ones too.