Couplet 4: Through Austria (Graz) to Hungary
We cross into Austria and wake up late in the morning, ready for lunch. The air has competely changed and is fresh and crisp. Cool and dry. What a relief!

Invigorated by the change in weather we arrive in Graz, totally unsuspecting of the beautiful city.

We parked in the middle of town, next to a rushing river on one side and an old hotel on the other (which kindly provided us with free internet access in our Detleff Hotel room).

We explore the old city and see many good places to play.

The buildings all look like wedding cakes! Rococo icing everywhere. Or is it just that the fresh air has restored our appetites?

We meet many kind people and we are extremely happy and satisfied to be the Gurdybuskers.
Anicet's sister, Judit, lives not far from the Austrian border. She has a beautiful old country-style guest house
We still are amazed at the open border as we cross from Austria into Hungary. When we married twenty nine years earlier, we could never have imagined that it would be like this.
We stop in Budapest just for lunch with Nica and Tibor. And then continue on towards eastern Hungary where we must deliver Kata to her parents
Arriving in her village at sunset the storks and their nests are like shadow figures against the sky.
Kata's parents, Zoli and Kati greet us with open arms and a full table.
Not only are Kata's parents glad to see her, but a certain young man is too!
We visit the village where ani was a little girl and see the church where her father was Pastor.
Bring a Hungarian girl back to her country and see her dance!
Family that were little children when we last saw them now show us their little children.
We continue east towards Budapest.
The great mountain of Tokay wine.
More family to visit.
Now our direction has changed: we head west, into the sunset, back towards Budapest.

In Budapest we stay with our dear old frieds Gyuszi and Judit. In a way it is all because of Gyuszi: many years ago he was the boy-friend of Eva, who was the cousin of Kati who was the girlfriend of Joel who drove a taxi out of the same garage in Brooklyn as I did. (Did you follow that?).

So when it came time to decide to go to France or Hungary to study Hurdy-Gurdy and puppet theater, Kati wrote to her cousin Eva in Budapest who wrote to her that her old boy-friend was one of the directors of the Hungarian State Puppet Theater and that she could talk to him and help arrange for me to study there. (Did you follow that?).

So that decided that: I would go to Budapest, and the rest, is as they say, history.

I learned many things from Gyuszi about life and theater. One thing he taught me was not to be afraid to follow a big powerful act. Don't try to out-do their extravaganza. Rather, follow them with something soft, subtle and intimate.

That advice has saved me countless times.

Gyuszi and Judit should (and will) have their own page here! Soon!

Everywhere we go there are Anicet's brothers and sisters. Here are Osci and Erzso.
The last friends we see before leaving: Pitchu and Agi.
Then it's off into the sunset again, as we head for Vienna.
Our most beautiful Publicum.