Couplet 3: Italia and Ticino
We are in France. We enter a tunnel. Drive through it. And come out the other side in Italy! Is that amazing or what? The trouble is, this northwest corner of Italy, (the Amalfi Coast) is, like the southeast corner of France that we have just left (le Riviere), not at all appealing to me. The towns along the coast all exude a cheap quality, but very expensive, glitzyness.
Finally, after relaxed conversations, we amically decide to head up into the mountains. We will find and visit Otto's friends, Rainer and Karina. We have never met them. Otto has wanted us to meet them for years and years. They do not know we are coming.
As we travel higher into the mountains, we begin to see the signs that we are nearing their house: the woods are full of sculptures and mobils, cryptiacally marking the path to the Mulino di Pio.
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