Couplet 2: Amsterdam (again), the Eifel and France
Back in Amsterdam they fix the car, we think, and they even give us a new picnic table and chairs!

Angels continue to look after us: we find Veronika who loans us a professional sewing machine from her costume shop to sew our instrument bags. The truth is, unlike twenty-five years ago, we no longer seem to have the strength to carry our Hurdy-Gurdies around with us, quickly making a torture of our busking treks.

But where to use this sewing machine? You can't do that in Deleff. Then we meet Sammi. In fact I meet Sammi at the BW Garage where his VW Bus and our Detlef were both being repaired exactly the moment that Veronika offered us the sewing machine.

I strike up a conversation with him because I can read the Sanskrit tattoos around his wrists! He says come to my place in Amsterdam and you can sew it there!

I hope we can meet up with him in north Spain this summer.

We head southwest through Holland. We spend the night in Hertogen'bosch, just around the corner from Hieronomous' house. We are pleasantly surprised to be able to just hitch a digital ride and go on-line right in Detleff. We are able to sit and talk with the boys.
The German Eifel Forest: dream-like roads. Incredibly peaceful road-side resting places. We invite random bikers to lunch.
We arrive in Strasbourg and are in need of showers, and a meal. The excitement is there: this is a moment we have waited for! As we make our way to Lionel we are astounded at the change to the Gare, (train station)):

It is now encased in a giant translucent shell!

Chez Lionel we are welcomed into a beautiful attic apartment with a view of the Cathédral and a studio full of Lionel's exquisite paintings and sculptures.

We take showers and Lionel has set the kitchen table with a superb vegetarian feast.

The busking is still not as successful as we had hoped. Any ideas of staying on in Strasbourg while Lionel is away are abandoned. Should head southeast, towards Munich or give Lionel a ride to his show near Fontainblau? We have to make decisions of the fork-in-the-road-that-changes-all type.
Wth Detleff loaded to the brim with paintings, we make our way accross Champagne country to the village of Montarlot.

Chez Stan et Janine.

Stan a consruit nos vielles il y a vingt-huit ans!

My favorite moment of Synchronicity in a very long time:

We are busking in a tiny little village, Saint Paul de Vance, beloved by many a French impressionists, and full of visiteurs in search of la belle Provence.

…and we walk right into Dylan, Molly and their children! The kids are impressed with our demonstration of street music and decide to show the French how New york Break Dancers do their thing.